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Time is Critical Be alerted to an emergency
Fire can be devastating to your home or business - and, even worse, it can threaten lives. Make sure that your property is prepared for the worst by working with our experts to get a proper fire alarm system installed.
Keep your site safe by investing in the highest quality alarms - those straight from Louisville Electronics. Our licensed technicians are ready for installation, repairs, and more.
Work with our licensed personnel, and ask us about combining your fire safety system with a complete security system for complete protection from natural and man-made dangers!

Safety First

Never neglect fire safety! Comply with local codes and preserve what's most important by investing in a fire alarm from Louisville Electronics.!
Fire safety is an essential part of managing a property. Make sure you're ready for the worst!

When you have the complete protection that a security system offers, you just might find yourself more relaxed. Why shouldn't you be? Your property is secure!

Get reliable and speedy repairs to your fire alarm system from Louisville Electronics and get back to a safer living faster! We do all our repairs right here in Nebraska.
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