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HME EOS 4-Headset System
Part Number: C40000-4-HS3C

Includes: 4 all-in-one headsets, 6 batteries, 1 battery charger, 1 base station, 1 speaker/mic kit, and 1 cable kit. Installation not included. Call for shipping. Other packages available. Call for a quote!
EOS Drive-Thru Repair, Accessories and Sales
Louisville Electronics is your one-stop source for drive-thru repairs, accessories and sales of HME’s EOS Drive-Thru System. EOS takes the drive-thru system beyond digital, with groundbreaking sound-enhancement technology and restaurant management capabilities. We have everything you need to keep your EOS drive-thru system running smoothly, including a full range of accessories and the revolutionary EOS all-in-one drive thru headset – the smallest, lightest headset on the market today.
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