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Defend your property
Not all disasters are natural. Protect yourself from all the mischief that humans can cause by arming your property with a reliable security system. You'll be safeguarding your home or business against thieves, vandals and more.
Trust us for brand names like Honeywell, F.B.I.I., Bosch, Detection Systems, and more. We offer installation and service on most makes and models of systems.
Come see why we're the most trusted name in security system installation and maintenance, and rest easy knowing that your valuable property is protected.
Relax more
When you have the complete protection that a security system offers, you just might find yourself more relaxed. Why shouldn't you be? Your property is secure!
Save Big
Because of our special relationship with Criticom International, we can offer monitoring of your security system for less. Come to us for great rates!

Stay one step ahead of theft, vandalism and other threats to your property.

Secure your property with brand-name systems that you trust, and count on us for any repairs or maintenance you need to keep them running!
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